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Working on your vocabulary can bring benefits to how you speak, understand others, and even on how you think. If you want to have a wider vocabulary, follow the tips below to that end.

How to Build Your Vocabulary

  1. First, you need to read more, so you're more likely to come across words that you're unfamiliar with. Read material by skillful writers and a variety of topics, so you can increase your vocabulary.
  2. Once you find those unfamiliar words, you will need to learn their meaning. To that end, it's recommended that you have a dictionary by your side at all times.
  3. If you truly want to expand your vocabulary, then you need to practice it. One way to do that is to write often. You can keep a journal, and as you write on it, you should make it a point to employ those newly-discovered words.
  4. Another tip to learn and practice your vocabulary is to talk to other people. This way, when they talk, you can listen for new words. When it's your turn to talk, you can try using the new words in your vocabulary.
  5. Last but not least, learn new vocabulary through games. You can play Scrabble, work on a crossword puzzle, or even download interactive online games to help you expand your vocabulary in a fun way.

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